Sharks Tooth Results & Photos

2017 Results

Timing services for the 2017 Shark's Tooth 10K provided by Lakeshore Athletic Services
Saturday, March 4, 2017

Open Division  Awards   Age Group   Overall
  When the Shark Bites
Walker Division  Awards  Overall Walker Results
Care2Tri Results

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Past Shark's Tooth 10K's Results

Saturday, March 5, 2016
Open Division   Age Group  Awards   Overall     When the Shark Bites
Walker Division   Awards    Overall
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Team 22q13

Saturday, April 11, 2015
Open Division   Age Group   Overall
Walker Division    Awards  Overall
Jogger/Runner Division
April 12, 2014
Open Division   Awards   Age Group Results   Overall
Walker Division Awards   Overall
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April 13, 2013 
Open Division Awards    Age Group    Overall   
Walker Division  Awards    Overall     

April 14, 2012
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April 9, 2011 - Text File - Link to Zoomers
April 10, 2010 - Text File - Link to Zoomers


April 11, 2015  Race Photos Island Girl Images

April 12, 2014 Race Photos
Ken Shelton Photography

April 13, 2013 Shark's Tooth 10K RRCA Florida State 10K Championship Photos

April 14, 2012 Photos
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